1. “EXPLORING NORTH CAROLINA” on UNC-TV with Tom Earnhardt, Director & Producer, in partnership with  NC LOW and several other sponsors.

WINTER 2017 Season (Preliminary titles for the new programs)
“Canals of Coastal Carolina”
“History and Future of Water in North Carolina”
“Eco-Tourism in the Land of Pocosins, Carolina Bays, and Black-Water Streams”

FALL 2015 Season (titled)
“North Carolina’s Two Coasts: A Geologic History”
“North Carolina’s Two Coasts: The Coast We Know and Coast We Are Creating”

2. FUTURE OF NORTH CAROLINA’S BARRIER ISLANDS: March 22, 2016, Hunt Library Auditorium (NCSU).
This 2-hour program of coastal experts dealing with the problems associated with NC’s barrier islands. Dr. William Schlesinger gave the keynote address titled “Global Climate Change and Sustainability. Mr. Tom Earnhardt followed with his documentary film titled: “North Carolina’s Two Coasts: The Coast We Know and The Coast We Are Creating”. A panel discussion followed that included Mr. Derb Carter, Rep. Pricey Harrison, Dr. Stanley Riggs, and Mr. Bill Ross. This program was co-sponsored by NC LOW, Kenan Institute of Engineering, Technology, and Science, and NC State University. The entire program is available for live streaming and use within schools, museums, parks, etc. To view the video of this presentation, click here.

A 3-day coastal workshop and field trip program for regional journalists was held on Core Banks and Carteret Peninsula. Two follow-up programs are scheduled for NE & SE NC coastal systems, respectively and are co-sponsored by NC LOW, NC Coastal Federation, and Saltwater Connection.

4. “FEELING THE SURGE”: November 14, 2016 at Joslyn Hall, Carteret Community College, Morehead City, NC (6:00 pm to 8:00 pm).
A film presentation of flooding in Norfolk VA, followed with presentations by Mr. Greg Rudolph and Dr. Stan Riggs on NC flood maps and NC sea-level rise, and a public Q &A session. This program is co-sponsored by NC LOW, NC Coastal Federation, Carteret Crossroads, Sierra Club, and Carteret County Shore Protection Office.

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